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Fassbinder, Faust and the Animists (2017)
Dance Portraits - Cambodia (2016)
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Death, Dance and Some Talk(2010)
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The Biography Remix with Marina Abramovic (2004)
Portrait Series. Alone / Gregoire(2004)
The H.C. Andersen Project – Tales and Costumes (2003)
Portraits 360 Sek (2002)
Total Masala Slammer – Heartbreak No. 5 (2001)
pigg in hell (2000)
Out of Sorts (1999)
Frankula (1998)
Planet Lulu (1997)
Solo with Charlotte Engelkes (1995)
Daniel and the Dancers (1994)
Rough (1994)
Jack’s Travelogue / La Prison des Femmes (1992)
Fast Forward /Bad Air und so…(1991)
Rewind Song (1989)
Pressure (1987)
Return of Sensation (1984)
White Out (1982)
Snapping, Computing and Performing (1981)
Maniac Productions(1975–1979)




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Edited by Michael Laub and Miriam Schmidtke in collaboration with Michael Stolhofer

REWIND SONG is a retrospective remix of material derived from performances that were often mixed up in the first place. It reshuffles photography and texts in a non-chronological order that is simultaneously slightly chaotic and orchestrated. The book drifts thematically as well as geographically. The accumulation of scenes taken out of their original context suggests alternative perception of past works not unlike debris of memory.

Published by Remote Control Productions – Arnhem / Berlin, ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival and Tartin Editionen – Salzburg / Paris.

344 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-3902163707
48,00 €
to order a book, please contact:

All images © Markus Zahradnik